Venus Freeze

“I did not want any invasive procedures done on my face, but I did want to do something to make me look more refreshed as I turned sixty this year.  I take pride in my genetic make up but nature does play her tricks.
One day I was watching a T.V. entertainment show and they had a segment on Venus Freeze.  The doctor explained the technique and I took note because it was not invasive and in about six sessions the lines will appear softer around the face, jowls and neck area.

I looked up on the internet and found Dr. Angelina Devera’s office did have the Venus Freeze system.  She was close to my area, so I called and made a consultation appointment.  The medical assistants were friendly and very knowledgeable.  Dr. Angelina was very detailed on what was to be done and how the procedure worked.  The cost was very reasonable and within my budget.  I said ‘Let’s do this’  They had a free spot on the appointment books and I booked my first one that same day.

The first treatment went extremely well and I noticed a big difference that same day, I was ECSTATIC!!!  I could not stop looking in the mirror!  I did not tell anyone and my friend thought I lost weight and looked great!  I can’t wait to see the final results after my sixth visit!”

- A.J. from Lakewood, CA


“I found Dr. Angelina through a Spabro promotion and I am so happy.  I am coming back Friday for myy 3rd IPL/photofacial.  My family, friends, and even strangers from Nordstrom makeup counters have commented on how even and beautiful my skin tone and complextion is for a 31 year old.  I have Scottish fair skin and IPL really helps take out the redness and hyperpigmentation.  Dr. Angelina is a very perfectionistic and her team makes you feel comfortable and special.  I’ll be a client well into my future! Than you so much!”

- RB from Orange, CA

Venus Freeze

“Venus Freeze is the best for cellulite treatment.  The previous places I tried did not work.  After 2 treatments here I can see big results. Try it you will be very happy with the results.  The Dr and staff are very nice.”

- E.S. from Huntington Beach

Venus Freeze

“In Regards to the “Venus Freeze” treatment, I have now had my third visit, and I have had great feedback on my looks.  We have been comparing old pictures and even now I have started to look like my former self  (Ten years ago).  As far as my feeling about the staff - - I love each one of them.  They are professional, friendly and they do all that they can to make you feel comfortable and welcome, they are the best. “

- D.M.D. from Claremont, CA

Venus Freeze

“Wow, I can’t believe how lucky I am.  I bought a Venus Freeze treatment through Living Social and I was very excited to try the treatment.  The treatment was awesome but what was even more awesome was the doctor and the staff at the Laser and Vitality Institute clinic.

The clinic is very well decorated and it has a warm and friendly atmosphere.  The doctor who did my Venus Freeze treatment is absolutely gorgeous and the staff is awesome.

Everything was explained completely and all my questions were answered.  I love it here, I am so glad I made the right choice.  By the way, do I look fantastic?  You bet I do! Thank  you Dr. Angelina!”

- N.B. from Claremont, CA

Venus Freeze

“I am a new patient at Angelina Devera’s clinic and I must say the treatment Venus Freeze is really great.  I am not done with all my treatments but I have seen a difference.  My tummy is shrinking and I now have a bit of an hour glass shape instead of my old box shape from 4 weeks ago.  I would honestly say that the money here will be well spent if your tired of that little bit of “everlasting” fat that does not seem to go away, you should definitely invest in the Venus Freeze.  It is great, and I feel great!”

- A.L. from Norwalk, CA

Laser Hair Removal

“I had laser hair removal done on my face and neck, it was painless and worked. The acne treatment made a huge difference. The staff is wonderful! Dr. Angelina Devera is very nice and gets all your areas"

- Elisa S.

HCG Diet

“HCG makes dieting much easier. I did not feel real hunger even though the diet was low in calories. The results were showing in the 28 days I have been on the diet and lost 17 pounds.”

- B.M.

Skin Tightening

“Thanks to Dr. Devera and Shara for a pleasant experience. My skin has progressively firmed and the results are fantastic! Wonderful & friendly staff.”

- S.A. from Gardena


“I had 8 sessions of Zerona and I lost 5 ¼” inches overall. I lost a bit on my arms, but I was most concerned about my stomach and thighs. They concentrated the machine on that part and I am happy with the results.”

- Tiffany from Westminster

Venus Freeze

“Venus Freeze is a relaxing treatment that’s non-invasve. Happy with the results on my stomach. Also having back, armpits and jowls done. Noticeable on my face. Have had 5 treatments so far with one more to go. Would recommend this procedure over Zerona for better results. Staff is amazing! Dr. Devera is warm and compassionate. Tech and Office Manager are very personable and pleasant to interface with. Found a great deal through internet Living Social offers.”

- M.H. from Torrance

HCG Diet

““I lost 15 pounds which is very good for my height of 5’3”. The office staff are very professional and personable. I am very happy with the results and strongly recommend Dr. Angelina for the HCG Diet.”

- J.E.C. of Signal Hill

"I am very happy with the weight loss & associated health improvement. Face looks much better, legs & veins much better and stomach shrinks is great. Wife says snoring has stopped! I like the way I look, the way my clothes fit & I have more energy! It has been a very rewarding experience!”

- P.C. from Signal Hill

Laser Hair Removal

“I had laser treatment on my chin and it worked great. I am very happy and satisfied with Dr. Devera & her staff.”

- A.S. from Huntington Beach


“I received Juvederm by Dr. Angelina Devera and the results were FANTASTIC! I highly recommend this treatment. Coming back to try laser!”

- MM of Huntington Beach

HCG Diet

"I have lost 20 lbs for 4 weeks and I’m so happy about the result right now. Also the doctor and nurse are so nice and easy to talk to and explain all questions that I have so I really recommend Dr. Angelina and the HCG program.”

- Kannika Kunloum

Laser Hair Removal

“I love the results I am seeing from the laser surgery. Dr. Devera is wonderful.”

- Stephanie

Venus Freeze

“I came to the office for the Venus Freeze. I am happy with the results. My stomach area is tighter and firmer. I had 6 sessions done, 25 minutes each. To make it work better, I’m drinking a lot of water, learned to diet, and exercise is a must.”

-C from Irvine.

Laser Hair Removal

“Dr. Angelina’s laser hair removal procedure is painless. The office staff is very friendly and efficient. I would recommend this Dr. to anyone wanting to get rid of unwanted hair.”

-Debbie from Huntington Beach

HCG Diet

“Dr. Devera, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all of your generous encouragement and support. My story is much like many other wmen’s stories, I have had issues with my weight for a long time and my body was suffering from the effects imposed on it as a result of various diets and regardless of how much I work out the pounds would just not come off particularly, now in my early 40’s. My self-confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low and for the first time in my life I was seriously considering having liposuction surgery. After my initial consultation and first meeting with you, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

The HCG True Diet has been phenomenal – I lost 9 pounds after the very first week! I am amazed with the results and not only do I look better already, I feel healthier and have more energy to do more in the day particularly now, that I am not caring all those extra unwanted pounds. Of course, it has taken dedication and work on my part but I am glad to do whatever it takes because I am seeing the results on the scale day after day!!

I can not thank you and your warm staff enough for all of the encouragement and patience exhibited by you and your staff as you answered all of my silly questions. Today, I could not be happier with the results of the HCG True Diet. Dr. Devera, you are a gifted Doctor and a wonderful person. My self-confidence as well as my self-esteem is now at an all time high and I truly feel good about myself.”

My sincerest thank you!

- J.W. of Orange County

Laser Hair Removal

“After my treatment I’m very happy. I don’t have to shave my hair anymore. I am very happy with the service.”

- T.L. from Garden Grove

Laser Hair Removal

“I appreciate how the doctor focused and targeted my problem areas. I feel a lot more confident with my appearance.”

- K.Q. from Fountain Valley

Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Devera and her staff are great professionals who take awesome care of their patients. The laser treatments I had done have been painless and very effective. I know others who have not been so lucky with other doctors and I feel blessed to have found such a great doctor who does such effective treatments.

- Leann of Rancho Cucamonga , CA

Laser Hair Removal

I am extremely happy with my laser hair removal results. Dr. Devera and her staff are so knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I am recommending her services to all my friends and family, both male and female.

- Sandy B. of Huntington Beach, CA

Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Angelina and her staff are extremely professional, warm and genuinely helpful. They helped me get the treatment I wanted at an affordable price. They’re awesome! The treatment was very effective. I’m really pleased with the results!

- Sean of Long Beach, CA

Laser Hair Removal

The hair on my upper lip has decreased by 80% and I’ve only had 2 laser hair removal sessions so far. I now feel confident about taking close up pictures.
Thank you Dr. Angelina!

- Eth of Riverside, CA

Fractional Resurfacing

I’ve known Dr. Devera since 2004 and I thank God that I met her. I’m very happy when she did the laser procedure for acne scar removal and helped minimize the visibility of my eye bags.

- Vilma of Anaheim, CA

Profractional Laser

I feel happy with my laser procedure done on my face. I get a lot of compliments that I look younger and radiant.

- Mon of Downey, CA

Microcurrent Therapy

I had a pain in my left shoulder, and lower back. I was on Motrin and seeing a chiropractor for a year. I came to see Dr. Devera for a check up and she told me about microcurrent for my pain, and she did it to me for 15 min and it didn’t hurt leaving no pain in my left shoulder or lower back. I am back into my kickboxing and spin class, I feel great!

- Sharon of Aliso Viejo, CA


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