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Banish Your Double Chin with Surgery-Free Kybella®

Come summertime, donning a scarf from your extensive collection to camouflage your double chin just won’t cut it. Ditto for trying to remember to rest your chin on your hand for photos. If you’re weary of dealing with this pesky profile problem, it’s time you did something about it.

Dr. Angelina Devera has devoted her career to offering patients a wide range of effective, yet noninvasive options for improving their appearance. The team at the Laser & Vitality Institute offers the most advanced treatments, and deliver them with warmth and compassion. 

Since Dr. Devera is always on the lookout for innovative treatments, she was excited to adopt one that offers numerous benefits when compared to a drastic option like liposuction surgery: Kybella®. Read on to find out how Kybella® can help you address your double chin issues and make you proud of your profile again.

Why do I have a double chin?

If you dream of a strong jawline, you’re not alone. Double chin fat is also known as submental fat, named for the area in which it resides at the front of your neck.

Many people have double chins. The reasons vary and include excess weight, aging, and heredity. No matter what the reason, a double chin tends not to endear itself to its owner. Improving diet and exercise habits doesn’t make much of a difference, either.

An exciting option for correcting a double chin

With the advent of Kybella and its 2016 FDA approval, you now have a viable option for minimizing the appearance of your double chin that involves far less risk and discomfort than before. 

Kybella treatments offer a real solution to your double chin dilemma. They’ve successfully reduced the appearance of countless patients’ double chins.

What makes Kybella effective at banishing a double chin?

In a word (really three), the answer is synthetic deoxycholic acid, a substance that actually destroys and absorbs fat. Amazingly, your own body produces it, but Kybella is the man-made version. It was developed to mimic what your body does naturally, but in a highly targeted, controllable way.

A series of Kybella injections under your chin zaps those unwanted fat cells. Even better, once the fat cells are gone, there’s nowhere left for fat to go in the future.

A typical Kybella course of treatment is wonderfully customizable because what you need from treatment is unique to you. Dr. Devera works with you to determine the number of treatments you need to match your goals, so you can realize them together. 

What’s involved in a Kybella treatment?

A Kybella treatment is surprisingly simple. Dr. Devera applies a topical anesthetic to the area she’s targeting so that you feel minimal discomfort. She injects Kybella into multiple predetermined locations under your chin. You’ll likely need three or four treatments (never more than six).

The treatment itself takes less than half an hour, and the only side effects you may experience are minor redness, tenderness, and swelling at the injection sites. A bit of numbness or bruising can also occur. 

It’s best to schedule your treatments with a minimum of a month between them. Any swelling you experience usually dissipates within a couple days, and side effects and healing are primarily determined by the extent of your treatment. 

You’ll likely begin to see a measurable difference in your chin and your profile after about four to six weeks.* 

Kybella shines as a solution for diminishing your double chin

The advantages Kybella offers will impress you across the board. These treatments are:

If you want a visual idea of how much Kybella can transform your profile, take a look at the Kybella website’s “before and after” gallery. You’ll be stunned! And after treatment, you’ll be stunn-ING!

Minimalism isn’t just an interior design fad!

There’s no Goodwill store where you can leave your unwanted chin fat, but if you want to purge it from your neck area for good, consider Kybella. The Laser & Vitality Institute’s caring team wants to help you look your best — and your most vital. After all, that is part of our name.

Take the first step toward a more pleasing jaw by calling our office or scheduling a consultation with Dr. Devera online

*Individual results may vary

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