Curious About the O-Shot® or P-Shot®? We Answer All Your Questions

Getting older has drawbacks whether you’re female or male, and in both cases, it can affect your sexuality right at the time when you have the freedom to enjoy it the most. Aging tissue and drops in hormonal levels conspire against you, and your once-vital sexual organs begin to let you down.

For many people, both women and men, the answer may be found in the field of regenerative medicine. Certain therapies target your body’s own repair mechanisms to improve healing power and, as a very welcome side effect, you regain some of the capabilities you thought were gone.

The O-Shot® and the P-Shot® are targeted, minimally invasive treatments for women and men, respectively, that use a regenerative approach to help you recover your sexual vitality. Dr. Angelina Devera and the team at Laser and Vitality Institute specialize in these life-restoring therapies. Here’s what you need to know about each procedure.

PRP: The common factor

Both the O-Shot and the P-Shot are based around an exciting regenerative medicine technique that’s used in applications as wide-ranging as sports injury recovery and arthritis joint treatment. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses a small sample of your own blood, about the amount of an average blood test.

The sample is centrifuged to separate liquids and solids. The middle-density platelets settle between the heavier red blood cells and the saline plasma that acts as the liquid carrier for your blood. The platelets, mixed with a small amount of plasma, create the basis for both the O-Shot and P-Shot.

Growth factors

The secret weapon of PRP is the presence of human growth factor hormones in the platelets themselves. These hormones serve as the body’s healing messengers, helping to arrange the natural building blocks used to make repairs.

The concentrated nature of growth factors within the PRP mixture is thought to add resources to the healing process, enabling faster progress than if these growth factors came through normal blood flow. Essentially, the O-Shot and P-Shot rearrange your body’s own tools in an advantageous way.

The O-Shot benefits

Both the O-Shot and P-Shot are proprietary formulas with specific preparations beyond the PRP step. For women, the O-Shot helps combat the effects of the genitourinary syndrome of menopause, a collection of symptoms previously known as vaginal atrophy. Benefits you may see include:

The P-Shot benefits

The aspect of changing sexual performance that most concerns men is erectile dysfunction. While pharmaceutical solutions are certainly popular, these aren’t an option for some men, while others are concerned about the side effects. The P-Shot represents a natural and drug-free alternative with potential benefits that include:

To find out more about the O-Shot and the P-Shot, contact Laser and Vitality Institute in Fountain Valley, California by phone at 714-880-8663, or by using the online booking tool on this page. Let Dr. Devera and her team smooth out some of the wrinkles of getting older with these exciting new therapies. 

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