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Feel More Confident Down There With Vulvar Whitening

It’s normal for a woman to undergo hormonal changes over the course of her life, including puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. While these changes are nearly universal, your response to them is as unique as you are.

When your body’s hormone production changes, you may also experience changes to the appearance of your genitals — and they’re not always welcome. One common cosmetic concern is a darkening of the vulva.

Though you may not be able to prevent vulvar darkening from happening in the first place, you can treat it. If you’re concerned about changes to the appearance of your vulva, including discoloration, Dr. Angelina Devera of Laser and Vitality Institute can help. Vulvar whitening is just one procedure Dr. Devera can use to restore the appearance of your external genitals, along with your confidence.  

Vulvar whitening? Why?

Vulvar whitening is an elective cosmetic procedure, so whether you choose it is entirely up to you. You may consider vulvar whitening if you’re concerned about discoloration in your vaginal area. If you’d like to restore a brighter, more youthful look, vulvar whitening can help.

One sign that you’d benefit from vulvar whitening is if your sexual confidence has taken a hit. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your vulva, and it’s impacting your sex life, the procedure can make a world of difference. 

Vulvar whitening is a noninvasive, painless procedure, and it can provide a much-needed confidence boost. You may know the procedure by another name, such as vaginal lightening or genital bleaching, but vulvar whitening refers to any procedure that addresses darkened skin down there.

How is vulvar whitening done?

Vulvar whitening is similar in many ways to other procedures for hyperpigmentation, a problem that can affect skin throughout your body. One key difference is Dr. Devera optimizes vulvar whitening so it’s safe and comfortable for use in your vaginal area.

Dr. Angelina Devera of Laser and Vitality Institute chooses a two-fold approach to vulvar whitening. She applies specially selected creams and gels, infused with vitamin A, C, and E compounds, directly to the affected area. Formulations are similar to lotion, and gentle enough for use on vulvar tissue the same way you’d use other skincare products, though these are appropriate and safe for use on the most sensitive skin.

The second phase of treatment uses the Pixel Perfect™ laser to stimulate collagen growth beneath the surface of the vulvar skin. The Pixel Perfect laser warms the collagen layer of your skin, which starts a controlled healing process that produces new collagen tissue, renewing and reviving the treated areas.

Both treatment phases are easy, safe, and comfortable. While the results do vary between patients, you can expect to see lighter and more vibrant tissue. Our two-part approach both corrects discolored skin and restores a more youthful appearance.

Contact Laser and Vitality Institute to learn more about vulvar whitening and what it can do for you. Your confidence boost may be a few short treatments away, so call or click today.

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