From Vampire Facelifts® to Microneedling, We Provide the Best Aesthetics for Youthful Skin

There’s more choice than ever for non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help you achieve your freshest appearance, and Dr. Angelina Devera of the Laser & Vitality Institute in Fountain Valley, California specializes in the best and brightest procedures for her patients.  

A current trend in healing science is the field of regenerative medicine, strategies and treatments that aid the body through its own natural healing processes. Regenerative dermatology considers the same approach when addressing the effects of aging on your skin.

Dr. Devera believes in the value of adding regenerative techniques on their own or in combination with traditional facial treatments. Learn how you can revolutionize your own skin care regimen below.

The emerging field of regenerative dermatology

The fact is, many aesthetic procedures used for decades take advantage of your body’s natural healing abilities to produce more youthful skin, free of lines and discoloration. Dermabrasion and chemical peels are two excellent examples. Each of these procedures introduces controlled damage of your skin to stimulate new tissue growth, your body’s response to injury.

Collagen stimulation

That’s not the only way to urge your body on. Aesthetic lasers send light energy through your surface skin, warming the collagen and elastin in the middle layers, which then triggers tissue regrowth. You can also jump start collagen stimulation using many other techniques, including:

The Vampire Facelift®

Another example of a trending treatment that incorporates regenerative medicine techniques is the cheekily named Vampire facelift. There’s nothing sinister about the blood used in this procedure. It’s a small sample of about two teaspoons taken from your arm. Your blood sample is treated to concentrate platelets, the particles in your blood responsible for clotting wounds when you’re injured.

Platelets also contain human growth factor hormones, some of the raw materials for healing. These growth factors help spur stem cells into action. More platelets mean more healing activity potential. Called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, it has applications in sports and orthopedic medicine as well.

PRP works alongside dermal fillers, gels made from synthetic hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally throughout your body, and an attractor of moisture. In gel form, these fillers add volume under your skin, filling lines and wrinkles and restoring support to skin that gets less elastic with age. Together, these two therapies form the foundation of the Vampire facelift procedure.

Microneedling and other PRP uses

Though microneedling has a long history as an aesthetic procedure, the addition of PRP therapy kicks the treatment into overdrive. Some studies show that adding PRP to a microneedling treatment may have the potential to improve the appearance of acne scarring as well as speeding your recovery from the redness that’s typical after treatment.

In addition to scars, microneedling and PRP, known informally as a vampire facial, may also improve the appearance of age spots and other pigment issues, lines and wrinkles, and stretch marks.

The best aesthetic procedures are those that are right for you. Contact Laser & Vitality Institute by phone at 714-880-8663 or by using the online booking tool on this page to schedule your personal consultation.

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