Thread Lifts: A Temporary Alternative to Traditional Face Lifts

The decision to have face-lift surgery isn’t easy. Going under the knife means risks and recovery, so it’s typical to leave this procedure until a time when it presents substantial improvements that justify the downsides. However, you might benefit from certain face-lift aspects now when the time and expense of a surgical procedure might not be ideal.

Injectable treatments such as botulinum toxins and dermal fillers combine with skin resurfacing techniques, offering a partial solution to the problems of skin laxity. Neither of these addresses the “lift” needs of your face, however.

The thread lift specialists at Laser and Vitality Institute, led by Dr. Angelina Devera, have a solution that might help you push back the date of your face-lift surgery. Contact the office now to schedule a consultation to learn more about what this exciting, minimally invasive procedure holds for you.

The thread lift approach

The threads used in the thread lift procedure are dissolving sutures specially manufactured with barbs or cones interspersed along their length. Dr. Devera inserts these sutures on a very shallow angle, so the suture runs parallel to the surface of the skin. After insertion, the barbs and cones act as one-way cogs. Once pulled back toward the point of insertion, the thread tightens tissue along its length, providing the lift aspect.

Collagen stimulation

Tightening isn’t the only rejuvenation effect created by a thread lift. Your body senses the intrusion of the thread and immediately begins a repair process, though of course the thread lift does little actual damage. Natural healing brings new stores of collagen and moisture to the middle layers of your skin. Some thread lift suture manufacturers make threads without barbs that focus on collagen stimulation.

The net result of a thread lift procedure is a combination of tightening accomplished with the barbed sutures and the renewed skin tissue triggered by the treatment. The biologically inert sutures dissolve harmlessly after about six months and you’ll see benefits from your thread lift for one to three years.

Candidates for thread lifts

The risk/benefit ratio for face-lift surgery favors patients 55 years of age or older. The prime candidate for thread lift is in their late 30s to mid 50s. Thread lifts may also be an option for patients older than 55, particularly if they have medical conditions that rule out surgery.

Dr. Devera does thread lifts during a simple 45-minute office visit. You need only local anesthetics and there’s little down time, unlike face-lift surgery, after which you typically need full-time care for one to three days as well as about two weeks for bruising and swelling to subside.

Since thread lifts have so little recovery impact, they’re ideal in combination with other medical aesthetic procedures. This is where a frank conversation with Dr. Devera and her team pays off. Sharing your goals and expectations helps them advise you about the procedures available that best suit your situation. Together, you’ll build a treatment plan that’s ideal for you.

Contact Laser and Vitality Institute at 714-880-8663 or book your appointment online by clicking the link on this page. Put your best face forward in 2020. Schedule your consultation now. 

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