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Acne is a condition caused by skin cells that do not shed properly and plug pores, causing oil and bacteria to be trapped inside. Dr. Devera offers many effective treatment measures for acne and acne scarring from her offices at Laser & Vitality Institute in Fountain Valley, California. She is an expert in this field.

Acne Treatment Q & A

How can lasers benefit acne?

Laser treatments have proven effective for a variety of skin conditions. Acne laser treatment is usually recommended when dealing with scarring left by more cystic acne, or when other treatments and remedies, especially cortisone injections, have failed to be truly effective. Another lesser known treatment for acne scars is cryotherapy, which uses a process to repeatedly freeze the scars to gently reduce and shrink the scar tissue.

How does laser acne treatment work?

Treatment for acne with lasers involves using short bursts of soft, intense light directed at the affected areas of the face, back, or chest. The purpose of the light is to destroy the bacteria, one of the main causes of acne. The aim is to target the skin glands which results in the reduction of oil secretion from the skin and pores. The light and laser therapy also promotes the production of collagen which helps reduce any scarring.

What can I expect during laser acne treatment?

The area that is meant to be treated will be cleaned and a thin layer of gel will be applied before the laser is directed on the skin. For the actual treatment, the laser specialist will use a hand-held wand-like laser to burn off the scarred skin cells. Afterward, fresh skin cells will reproduce leaving a clean and fresh complexion. The laser acne treatment procedure is very precise, so the treatment specialist only targets the affected skin leaving unaffected areas alone. After the laser acne treatment, the patient's face could possibly appear a little flushed and swollen. These effects usually subside after a few hours or days. Sunscreen should be applied and, if the patient wish, makeup may be applied immediately after laser acne treatment, as the skin's surface is not actually damaged by the laser. Care should be taken that make-up is appropriately formulated for acne sufferers.


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