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Even with the best exercise and diet regimen, most men and women still have stubborn pockets of fat they’d like to eliminate. At Laser & Vitality Institute in Fountain Valley, California, Angelina Devera, MD uses the safe and innovative Bella Contour treatment to give you a more sculpted appearance without painful surgery. Bella Contour involves three proven fat reduction technologies for long-lasting, impressive results. Call or book your appointment online to learn more about Bella Contour body sculpting and circumference reduction at the Orange County office.

Bella Contour

What is Bella Contour body sculpting?

Even with strenuous exercise and a well-balanced diet, many men and women still have problem areas that can be difficult to tone.

Bella Contour is a safe, non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that involves three different proven technologies for targeted fat loss. It works by stimulating the body’s fat cells, causing them to release lipids (fat). Vacuum massage for lymphatic drainage encourages the elimination of the fat from the body.

Bella Contour is ideal for common trouble areas including the:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Chest
  • Love handles
  • Thighs

Most healthy men and women are good candidates for Bella Contour treatment.

What does Bella Contour treatment involve?

After reviewing your overall health and discussing your body sculpting goals, your session begins. Dr. Devera first uses ultrasound and electrical current therapies to prepare the fat for removal. Next, she uses vacuum therapy to carry fat through the bloodstream and into the liver, where it’s converted to energy.

As she gently moves the application device over your skin, you won’t feel any discomfort. Most men and women describe the feeling as a warm, tingling sensation. The entire treatment takes around 50 minutes.

After Bella Contour body sculpting treatment, you can resume your daily activities right away. Dr. Devera encourages you to walk around after your session to help convert recently-released fat cells into energy.

What results can I expect from Bella Contour treatment and how long will they last?

Most men and women notice results following their first Bella Contour body sculpting session, with the effects increasing after each visit. Dr. Devera recommends anywhere from 4-10 visits, depending on your individual fat loss goals.

Benefits of Bella Contour body sculpting include:

  • Decrease in cellulite
  • More sculpted appearance
  • Reduced circumference measurements
  • Tighter skin

Combining Bella Contour treatment with a diet and exercise program can give you the body of your dreams. Dr. Devera tracks your progress with specialized software and before and after photos.

To learn more about safe and effective fat and cellulite reduction in Orange County, schedule a Bella Contour consultation online or by telephone today.


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