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Sometimes the face needs to be refreshed to looks its absolute best. Dr. Devera offers many different facelift options at Laser & Vitality Institute in Fountain Valley, California .

Face Lift Q & A

Who is a candidate for a facelift?

Both men and women from their forties into their eighties are good candidates for facelift procedures. Usually, patients will request a facelift when they want a younger, more youthful appearance. Once only thought of as a female procedure, it has become more and more common that men are requesting facelifts as well. A facelift can make anyone look younger and fresher, which in turn can cause better self-esteem and more confidence. If you are considering a facelift, a frank discussion with a professional will be beneficial in making your decision and finding out the best options for the procedure to meet your specific needs.

What are the alternatives to a facelift?

Venus Viva™ is a revolutionary skin treatment safe for all skin types to generate heat and initiate skin change, rebuilding collagen and fibroblast stimulation, all resulting in tissue remodeling. Venus Viva can treat the face, including around the eyes, the neck, chest, arms, underarms, elbows, knees, and other areas that may develop stretch marks such as the buttocks, abdomen, backs of the legs, and hips.

Ulthera is a non-surgical face and neck treatment which uses focused ultrasound energy that penetrates deep below the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen. The results show a significant lift in tone and appearance to loose or sagging skin without any significant downtime. Ulthera’s main objective is to target deep tissue below the skin, an area typically reached with cosmetic surgery.

Fractional CO2 is a laser treatment that rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. The skin is removed in a “fractionated” method where columns of skin are removed leaving the surrounding skin intact to facilitate the healing process. This healing process brings fresh circulation with the healing oxygen and nutrients found in the blood as well as stimulating fresh collagen production.

Microcurrent is a Facial Toning System using a high-tech microcurrent to provide a mild pulsating current into the skin and muscles. Directed in specific patterns and frequencies, the Microcurrent will exercise and strengthen the facial muscles. The lifting and strengthening action of the Microcurrent builds tone throughout the cumulative effect of the treatment. Repeated sessions will provide the facial muscles the ability to hold their tone. The Microcurrent carries specially formulated ionic solutions to the underlying layers of skin to improve hydration, elasticity, and circulation.


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