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As time begins to draw lines on your face, you might be interested in the non-surgical facelift that uses your own blood! Dr. Devera often uses Plasma-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) along with other cosmetic procedures to encourage healing and further rejuvenate the skin on your face. Set up an appointment to go over this quick in-office procedure at Laser and Vitality Institute. Dr. Devera gives women in the Greater Los Angeles Area a chance to reclaim more youthful skin.

PRFM - Plasma Rich Fibrin Matrix Q & A

What is the Plasma-Rich Fibrin Matrix?

PRFM is used during the Vampire Facelift and other cosmetic procedures to encourage facial tissue regeneration. PRFM involves injecting your blood plasma underneath your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

Platelets in your plasma are known to stimulate collagen production, encourage skin renewal, trigger cell growth, and regenerate tissue. The platelets used in this procedure are twice as concentrated as they are in free-flowing blood and when injected under the skin, results is a more youthful, radiant appearance. It also encourages tissue repair and healing.

Whether you want to target those lines between your brows, at the corners of your mouth, or outside your eyes, PRFM face treatments plump the skin on your face that naturally loses elasticity as you age. Occasionally, Dr. Devera may use the procedure on the neck and hands.

What exactly happens during the PRFM procedure?

During your in-office appointment, Dr. Devera will give you a topical anesthetic for your face. Dr. Devera will then draw blood from your arm, just like in a lab. The technicians will put your blood through a centrifuge to separate your plasma from your red blood cells.

Dr. Devera will then give you plasma injections from your own blood underneath the skin of your face. You’ll be numb to any pain, but you will likely feel pressure on your face. The entire treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Is the PRFM treatment painful?

The injections shouldn’t hurt since your face will be numb from the topical anesthetic. However, you will be able to feel the needles moving around at the injection site.

If you have PRFM in conjunction with another treatment, the side effects will vary. However, PRFM by itself can cause mild discomfort, bruising, irritation, and temporary swelling at the injection site that usually resolves about two days after treatment. Dr. Devera can use microcannula (blunt) needles to reduce bruising even more. Dr. Devera can also provide pain medication and other care instructions to decrease the swelling and irritation.

You can resume your normal activities when you leave the office, unlike more invasive facelift procedures. You won’t experience an allergic reaction like you might with other procedures since it involves your own blood. Any temporary irritation you experience will soon lift and be replaced by a younger-looking face.

What should I expect after the procedure is done?

Most patients see a noticeable difference within two to six weeks. The full effect is apparent after two weeks, and it typically lasts up to 18 months after treatment. During your consultation with Dr. Devera, she will recommend the number of treatments and inform you about the expected outcome.