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Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Dr. Angelina Devera is a Board Certified physician who serves residents who live in the Fountain Valley and Orange County areas of California. The doctor and staff of Laser & Vitality Institute specialize in various types of procedures, including stem cell umbilical cord treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

Why are Stem Cells so Valuable?

Stem cells are extremely valuable for several reasons. First, they are harvested from the patient's own tissues. Secondly, when the stem cells come from a newborn's umbilical cord they also contain specific elements that may be of help when it comes to treating autoimmune disorders and other types of health conditions. Stem cells are essentially blank cells that do not have any identifying qualities or forms of DNA. When exposed to other types of cells, the stem cells can literally transform into whatever type of cell is influencing it at the time. If the stem cells are sent into a joint, the cells may eventually take on the characteristics of the bone or the connective tissues. 

What Types of Conditions can Stem Cell Therapy Help?

Cord blood stem cells can be used to help fight auto-immune disorders and possibly, even some types of cancers. Many parents are preserving their newborn's cord blood so that when the latest stem cell umbilical cord treatments begin to prove effective, they will have the material that is needed to help create a cure or at least an effective treatment option for their child or other family members. While the research is ongoing, stem cell umbilical cord treatments have proven to be effective in helping to control several types of auto-immune disorders including those that involve blood and bone disorders.

How is the Cord Blood Preserved?

Cord blood can be preserved for several years if the proper technique is used. In most cases, the preservation method that seems the most effective and reliable is cryopreservation. The specimens or samples are quick frozen and held in containers that are securely sealed. The cells remain frozen until they are needed. Once the are taken out of the cryopreservation container, specific steps will have to be taken to bring them back to a normal room temperature so they can be used. Once they have been brought of storage, they cannot be refrozen. After the doctor has made all of the preparations the stem cells can be used in whatever means necessary to help the patient.



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