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Over time, your body can go through many changes. One is the discoloration of your feminine area. It’s common, but there are ways to treat it. Angelina Devera, MD, and her team of medical professionals at Laser & Vitality, in Fountain Valley, California, can help restore coloration in your vaginal area, so you can feel more confident in your own skin. To learn more about this service, call today or schedule an appointment online now.

Vulvar Whitening Q & A

What is vulvar whitening?

Vulvar whitening is a treatment designed to reverse the signs of discoloration in the vaginal area, providing a more youthful and desirable appearance. It’s completely safe and helps lighten the color of your vulva and labia from dark to pink.

How is vulvar whitening performed?

Vulvar whitening is most often done with a topical cream or gel. These are infused with lightening agents that are delicate enough for the sensitive areas around the vagina. Most are made with only natural ingredients that won’t cause side effects such as rashes or skin irritation.

Combining the topical cream with light treatments can increase the effectiveness and deliver results faster. Laser & Vitality uses the Pixel Perfect laser to ensure your skin lightening is as quick and safe as possible. This gentle laser works in tandem with the creams and gels, providing fast and safe whitening to patients who need more intensive lightening.

The Pixel Perfect laser light also helps stimulate the growth of collagen, which improves the overall look of the area being treated. The result is a more youthful appearance.

What are vulvar whitening products made of?

Unlike other whitening agents, those that are made for the vaginal area contain more natural, rather than chemical, ingredients. They’re infused with vitamins A, E, and C. Before you use any vulvar or vaginal whitening creams, it’s best to consult with a medical professional. and ensure that you’re applying only the safest and most effective products to a sensitive area.

Does vulvar whitening hurt?

Vulvar whitening is completely painless. You might feel some sensation from the topical creams and treatments, but they won’t hurt you. They’re applied and soaked into the body naturally. Vulvar whiteners are comparable to lotion that you’d use on other parts of your body.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance or coloration of your vaginal area, vulvar whitening can be a great treatment. The medical professionals at Laser & Vitality can ensure that the treatment is applied and administered correctly and according to your needs, so you can receive the most effective results as fast as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about vulvar whitening, call today or schedule an appointment online.


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